Which Parenting Style Do You Use?

I bet you desire to be a good parent. To be a healthy role model and offer loving effective discipline. But, this is harder than it looks. Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs on the planet! It is a vital job to be engaged in and have the mindset of curiosity and […]

Sexual Abuse: Survivors

It is estimated that the prevalence of sexual abuse ranges from one in three to one in five (McEwan, Man, & Simpson-Housely, 2002). Now to think about that, one in about four! 1  out of 4, there are a whole lot of people who have been affected by sexual abuse. There is hope and healing from […]

The Constant Battle With Anxiety

Anxiety is a constant struggle for many individuals.  Anxiety is a normal feeling to have and learning how to combat this emotion can be a very helpful tool.  I’m not saying after this blog you will know how to get rid of anxiety forever, but you will learn some tips on how to manage it. […]