Simple Relationship Investments

This relationship stuff can be simple! However, simple does not always mean easy. The simple relationship investments presented here help relationships thrive, grow and promote emotional safety. Faithfulness…  It is a common term used in our lives but what does it really mean?  Does everyone have the same definition or does it vary from person […]

Love: Conclusions and Hope

So, How can the Psychology of Love Help Me Have a Better Day? You can define love as an action and challenge ourselves to “serve one another in love.” You can experience love as an emotion, no matter what our life or intimate relationship status. And lastly, we can focus on hope. Knowing that what we focus on […]

Love. I Help Create it!

What if I don’t feel loved? What if I am single, divorced, estranged or widowed? What if my marriage and family relationships are less than enjoyable? Is there love for me? There is love, joy, peace, meaning and purpose for your life, no matter what the current circumstances! Now I want to be clear, I am not […]