Couples Counseling

Couples distress is a pervasive concern, and without intervention, the bad can get worse. Feelings of dissatisfaction, hopelessness, and/or deep disconnection can flood the relationship. When our brains are under great emotional stress, our logic areas of the brain are not functioning as well, and this causes many of us to get into conflict without the right tools.

The effects of a sour relationship can range from depression to tension and anxiety in other areas within your life. Couples distress can also lead to physical health problems and a broad range of other personal difficulties. If this sounds like it has described your relationship, it is in need of some help.

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Successful therapy depends on each partner’s motivation and dedication. If couples are motivated and dedicated, they can expect to become better communicators and listeners. Each individual will also learn new ways to support one another and connect.

Footnotes has experience working with couples and can provide the help you so desperately need. There is hope! When you bring in a willingness to work on the relationship, this attitude can revitalize it. All relationships take work and have room for improvement! Let’s work together to rejuvenate, strengthen, and deeply enrich your relationship.