Marriage Enrichment Retreats

Enriching, strengthening, and preserving the marital relationship needs to be a continual process for all who have committed to the lifelong union of marriage. With the current threat of divorce rates and high dissatisfaction within marriages, what will you do to help protect the relationship you now enjoy, or how will you fight for that connection you once felt?
If you are looking for a way to grow and stretch, you are feeling stuck or stagnant, or you just want a fun day together, this is for you! Married couples in any stage of their relationship are encouraged to attend.
Our Foundational Marriage Enrichment Retreat combines scriptural truths, relational health principles, and a seasoned presenter to bring you an exciting, informational, and meaningful couple’s experience. Join us for eight powerful and encouraging hours of marital enrichment.
  • Assess your marital strength
  • Learn about healthy communication
  • Find successful ways to resolve conflict
  • Understand your intimacy and trust
  • Bring reality back into sexuality
This day-long seminar is a highly cost effective way of getting direct access to proven relational and professional help.
The retreat is lead by licensed professional, Amanda Gerdts. Amanda’s special focus areas within her practice include strengthening and preserving relationships. Churches interested in hosting a retreat can call or use the contact page provided. Hosting is available to churches who have eight or more couples that sign up.
Come invest in your relationship! Call Amanda at 507.351.8799
Please see the details under the Premarital tab or call 507.351.8799 for more information. While this class is not designed for couples in crisis, it is a terrific and interactive way to invest in your marriage.