Services & Rates

Fees are due at time of service. You may use cash, check, credit card, HSA and Flex Dollars to pay for services at Footnotes. To pay with any type of electronic transaction a small processing fee of $3.30 must be attached for individual session payments or $17.50 for any packages payments.

50-minute session: 90-minute session:
Day sessions (7:30a-4p): $79 $117
Evening sessions (4-8p): $108 $153

Twenty-minute phone consultation, must be in conjunction with another form of therapy: $54

Discounted package prices are prepaid non-refundable prices.

These Packages are daytime prices for morning or midday appointments only)

Package #1: Includes eight 80-minute sessions, saves $65: $871

Package #2: Includes eight 50-minute sessions, saves $50: $582

Package #3: Includes five 80-minute sessions, saves $35: $550

Package #4: Includes five 50-minutes sessions, saves $20: $375

Marriage Matters classes include resource booklets, and a seasoned marriage professional. We will meet weekly for four weekday, two hour sessions. You can register by phone 507.351.8799 or on-line.

The eight hour Marriage Matters program is done individually with couples at any time. The cost for four two-hour individual couple sessions is $560.

Prepare & Enrich is a widely known, researched and valid assessment tool that helps you to learn about yourself, your relationship and the strengths and growth areas of your current relationship. Cost for Prepare & Enrich, which includes the online assessment and three individual couple sessions is $245.

Comprehensive Premarital Discount! Comprehensive Personalized Foundations. Includes three 50-minute sessions utilizing Prepare & Enrich and eight 50-minute sessions completing the Marriage Matters Program. A total of eleven face-to-face personalized and individualized sessions. $709 There is some outside work involved in this course. This fully qualifies you for the marriage license discount! After the $75 credit the state gives toward professional premarital counseling that bring your cost down to $634. This is a great wedding gift from parents, godparents, or others who are looking for a way to invest into the future of your life-long marriage!

In the rare occurrence that I work directly with insurance companies, then discounts applied for direct service are revoked and the average fee scale for the area applies of $210 for Diagnostic Assessments and $125 for 50 minute sessions.

Online payments:

To make a payment with your credit card, HSA or Flex Dollars, we have switched to using Square Cash. Just send me an email from your regular email account with a Cc to In the subject line type in the dollar amount you wish to pay. Feel free to write a note in the body of the email if you wish. First time users will need to set up the card you wish to use (this request is emailed to you after sending the initial emailed dollar amount). Square Cash allows for better security and privacy than our previous on-line payment options! You can complete the payment to Footnotes quickly, safely and securely.

Please note that on-line prices reflect a three dollar processing fee, three dollars should be added to your total amount if paying on-line.
Thank you!