Services & Rates

Fees are due at time of service. You may use cash, check, credit card, HSA and Flex Dollars to pay for services at Footnotes.

50-minute session: 90-minute session:
Day sessions (7:30a-4p): $117 $160

Twenty-minute phone consultation, must be in conjunction with another form of therapy: $54

Discounted package prices are prepaid daytime non-refundable prices.

Package #1: Includes eight 80-minute sessions, saves $80: $1,200

Package #2: Includes eight 50-minute sessions, saves $71: $865

Package #3: Includes five 80-minute sessions, saves $40: $760

Package #4: Includes five 50-minutes sessions, saves $35: $550

Marriage Matters classes include resource worksheets and a seasoned marriage professional. We will meet weekly for four weekday, two hour sessions. You can register by phone 507.351.8799 or on-line.

The eight hour Marriage Matters program is done individually with couples at any time. The cost includes four two-hour individual couple sessions.

Prepare & Enrich is a widely known, researched and valid assessment tool that helps you to learn about yourself, your relationship and the strengths and growth areas of your current relationship. Cost for Prepare & Enrich, which includes the online assessment and three individual couple sessions is $365.

Comprehensive Premarital Discount! Comprehensive Personalized Foundations. Includes three 50-minute sessions utilizing Prepare & Enrich and eight 50-minute sessions completing the Marriage Matters Program. A total of eleven face-to-face personalized and individualized sessions. There is some outside work involved in this course. This fully qualifies you for the marriage license discount! This is a great wedding gift from parents, godparents, or others who are looking for a way to invest into the future of your life-long marriage!

On the rare occurrence that I work directly with insurance companies, then discounts applied for direct service are revoked and the average fee scale for the area applies –  $210 for Diagnostic Assessments and $175 for 50 minute sessions.