Is There Love For Me?

Society today is marked with the thought that true love is the happily ever after. We get married based on true love.  We will move across the country based on love. What is this “love” and why does it control us so? Psychologist Barbara Fredrickson, in her book Love 2.0: How Our Supreme Emotion Affects […]

Understanding Conflict in Relationships

How many of you are in, have been in, or will someday like to be in an intimate, committed loving relationship? Relationships are a fun and exciting aspect of life, but they are also hard, complex, and can be very difficult.  Being part of a committed relationship includes figuring out how to manage tension and […]

You are Not Alone: Grief and Loss

Grief effects every individual at some point in their life.  Grief can be puzzling in the sense that what has been lost, is never coming back. A type of grief that is often forgotten about is the grief that is experienced due to an ambiguous loss.  An example of ambiguous loss includes: the loss of […]